100% hands on training

Learn guitar construction, repair, and guitar design through our Guitar Building Class. The guitar you build will look and sound phenomenal. Learn the tricks of the trade at McKee Guitars in a class size small enough to allow you to get one-on-one personal training. See how a small shop is operated while working with your hands to experience the whole package.

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Choose from two course levels to suit your experience and comfort level. Learn from a professional what it means to maintain a small business and produce a fine product built by hand.

Fundamental course:

This course is 2 months long. You will learn how to build a bolt-on neck electric guitar and a acoustic guitar. Good fundamentals in guitar building are learned through this course. Repair and design are learned through this course to make you a well-rounded luthier. Cost of the course is $6,500. A $1,500 deposit is required to reserve your spot for this course.

Advanced Course:

This course is 6 months long. Your first 2 months will be going through the fundamental course and the last 4 months will be building a more advanced acoustic and a glued neck electric. This course is $16,500 and a $3,000 deposit is required to reserve your spot for the course.

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While there might be as fine of a Luthier as Austin somewhere, there is none finer.  Austin is a master artisan at building hand-made acoustic instruments as well as being great at bringing ideas to fruition and is equally skilled and amazing at customization (inlays, or whatever your needs) and the finest in repair work. I searched forever to find somebody with Austin’s skill set, and was convinced that person didn’t exist. If you want a guitar that sounds and plays second to none, Austin is the guy to talk to, whether that means modifying what you’re now playing, or starting from scratch, it is a certainty that his work will make you smile in appreciation for your expectations always being exceeded.
Brian Moritz

Musician of over 35 years, Distorted Priorities, Mecca